One of the central themes of Freemasonry Faith, Hope & Charity, Charity being the greatest.  Masons consider it their duty to compassionate the miseries of the unfortunate and to endeavor to relieve their misfortunes whenever it is within their power to do so.  In keeping with that mission, the Lodge and its members pursue the following charitable endeavors:


American Red Cross Blood Drives


Olive Branch Lodge has been working with the American Red Cross to conduct Blood Drives in the town of Millbury on at least an annual basis.  Since 2008 the Lodge has generated more than 300 pints, most from members and their family members and friends.


College Scholarships


Since 1997 Olive Branch Lodge provided scholarships totaling over $70,000 to students from Millbury & Sutton, MA to support their first year of college.  This is largely funded by the Lodge's Masonic Awareness Committee's fundraising events, including its annual Golf Tournament., scheduled for Friday, May 7, 2021 at Blackstone National Golf Club, in Sutton, MA and our Lenten Fish Fry held every Friday during Lent from 5:30PM - 7:30PM. 


Masonic Angel Fund


The Masonic Angel Fund™ is the fastest-growing Masonic charity anywhere. Founded in 1998 by the members of Universal Lodge A.F. & A.M. in Orleans, Massachusetts, the "MAF" has spread to 165 Lodges in 14 states since it first offered sponsorship of affiliate Masonic Angel Funds in the summer of 2000. Find out why your lodge needs a Masonic Angel Fund and discover the surprising poverty rates among the children of Massachusetts.